Empower – Be The Change Empowering EVERYONE to achieve their potential


We are an award winning social enterprise, delivering personal and professional development courses, with Institute of Leadership and Management accredited qualifications and mentoring.

We empower people and teams to build positive mental resilience, fully realise their self worth and achieve their potential!

Our courses are proven to make a real difference!

Meet Julie a professional woman who felt she’d hit rock bottom after a series of misfortune. That is until completing the Empower- Be The Change courses! A very moving story: 

We firmly believe by empowering EVERYONE we can collectively create a world in which:

  • Good mental health and positive work life balance is standard. 
  • Poverty of opportunity is eradicated
  • Employment is high
  • Everyone has access to learning. 

Ultimately leading to cohesive and empowered individuals, communities and workforces!


Our ambition is to ‘empower’ 1500 people by 2023 in line with our primary mission to empower individuals and communities to achieve their potential. 

What does empowerment looks like? 

Transferable Skills + Passion + Knowledge = Positive Personal Change! 

We firmly believe that empowered individuals create empowered communities and build a better world! We can all be the change we want to see in the world!  

Qualifications & Training

Our ILM accredited qualifications and online mentoring programme are aimed at everyone who wants to develop their mental toughness, professional development (CPD) and gain the confidence and interpersonal skills to achieve their potential. 

The delivery of our courses is tailored to meet the needs of individuals and teams regardless of their current employment or education circumstance. Everyone has the potential to take positive personal action to become empowered.


Founded in May 2016 by Jo Clay following two and half years living, volunteering and working in India on various community projects, Jo identified a need to invest in people to gain qualifications and build mental resilience to become empowered.

“Our team’s mission is to create a dynamic company that empowers others through positive change. We believe passionately in everyone’s potential and supporting them to recognise and achieve this.”

Meet Adele, Amanda and Ben! Each had their own unique set of personal and professional challenges before completing an Empowerment course, but now they feel equipped to rise to them in a positive and proactive way.

Highly commended’ by Social Business Wales 2019 awards 

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