Workforce: The ILM Level 3 Empowered Mentors Course

Gain coaching, mentoring and leadership skills

Why sign up to this programme?

  • Individuals who have vocational qualifications and relevant experience are much more likely to progress in their career.
  • Resilient, self-aware individuals have much greater choice, opportunities and control in the decisions they make.
  • Individuals with coaching, leadership and mentoring skills are able to bring out the best in themselves and others.

Course participants share the impact of our programmes:

100% of participants recommend the programme 


ILM Level 3 in Management of Volunteers

  • Encourage the development of volunteers, staff and peers.
  • Know how to provide appropriate and effective support to volunteers, staff and peers.
  • Evaluate others activities and achievements.
  • Be able to provide constructive feedback, develop effective communication skills and become a highly skilled mentor.


MTQ48 (Mental Toughness) psychometric measure and 1-1 mentoring.

  • Build knowledge & awareness of your leadership & mentoring skills through the completion of MTQ48 and ILM72 assessments.
  • Develop a personal action plan through self – reflection and 1-1 mentoring support.







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