We firmly believe that EVERYONE has the right to become empowered.  

We invest our income directly into community organisations in India so they can build the infrastructure and support to become Empowered.

Empower was founded by Jo Clay following 18 months work in collaboration with Vi-Ability setting up, delivering and managing the very successful "India Adventure" international volunteer programme.   

The programme supported 16 young people from the UK to take up month long volunteer placements with the Child and Youth Development Foundation.  Volunteers delivered a range of community projects and received weekly 1-1 coaching sessions focused on long term career and education goals.    

​On their return to the UK all 16 volunteers successfully secured employment and or education placements.     

​Thanks to a micro-investment from Vi- Ability Jo was able to build on this success and create a new social enterprise that places soft skill training and high quality mentoring at the centre of personal change.

To continue this link between Wales and India Empower - Be The Change now invests some of its income directly into community projects in India to support Child and Youth Development Foundation to Empower local people.