CYDF is a section 8 company (social enterprise) founded by Raisa Dawood in 2014 and aims to eradicate rural poverty in the town and surrounding villages of Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.


Most of the Children in both urban and rural areas of Tirunelveli have micronutrient deficiency. This not only affects the healthy development of children but also causes learning disability. The ultimate scenario is that these children face social exclusion leading them to drugs, diseases and crimes.

Malnutrition eradication in rural children and youth is one of the mission statements of Child and Youth Development foundation. 

The foundation tries to address this by manufacturing value added organic food products through its women empowerment project. The inputs are procured from farmers who have been trained to do organic farming. The products are sold in urban market while the profits are shared to distribute health drinks and to conduct life skills sessions at the local boys home. 

CYDF currently supports 63 children who benefit directly from this support, while farmers and women become the secondary beneficiaries. 

Empower - Be The Change has invested directly into the next phase of this project which will enable the foundation to sell its products directly to consumers through establishing a sales platform.  The foundation will also bring in more products from organic farmers around the city thereby promoting more healthy food and encouraging more agripreneurs to bring in a line of value added products.


This is a simple structure that will introduce organic products to this small community which has been prone to fatal diseases in recent years due to poor food habits.

The sales platform will spread awareness about healthy eating as well as help in employing another woman from low income family while contributing to CYDF core aim of eradicating malnutrition, providing quality education and environmental conservation.