Leadership training? We can’t afford it!

Unfortunately, we have to accept that 2023 may not be an easy year for any of us. The cost of living is rising, there’s the energy crisis and a recession is on its way, if not here already. And the media, so often swift to highlight the most negative aspect of any situation, is doing its very best to fill the airways with nothing but doom and gloom.

And, you might say, we’re following suit with our depressing opening paragraph! But actually what we want to do is the reverse.

We want to help you frame things another way.

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Granted, things are difficult now, but they won’t always be and the canniest organisations are those which recognise that now is the time to invest in their future, when perhaps their competitors are looking the other way.

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And the most valuable investment you can make is in your people, most notably (but not exclusively) in your Leaders and Managers.

They are the key to an organisation’s reaching (or not) its targets and objectives. They are the ones who set the example for others to follow.

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It’s a simple fact that leaders and managers who understand their strengths, leadership / management style and areas for development are more effective at creating and building high performing teams.

But how many leaders can honestly say they’re succeeding in this area?   

Our ILM Level 3 qualification in Leadership and Management is aimed at current or aspiring team leaders who want to build their self-awareness and leadership skills to become highly effective leaders who empower their teams. 

To find out more about the qualification, just click the link above to go to our website where we list the learning outcomes, the course content and the cost per person, which is £540.

If your initial response to this mirrors our title, “Leadership training? We can’t afford it!” again, we’d like to invite you to frame this another way and consider the following:

  • £540 equates to £2.07 / day, based on the number of working days in 2023. So that’s an investment of a smidgeon over two quid a day to equip your leaders and managers with the soft skills needed to empower their teams to reach their full potential. Surely this is seriously worth considering?
  • £540 is less than the cost to the private sector for staff absenteeism which, in recent findings by MoorePay, cost organisations on average £568 per person each year. It’s worth remembering that absenteeism isn’t just due to sickness; absences could also be due to inflexible work practices or other workplace issues which a poorly trained leadership team is ill equipped to address.
  • £540 is just under half the cost of ordering a takeaway coffee each day for a year, which according to The Sun could cost a whopping £1,007 each year!

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