Our Team


Jo Clay

Founder & Innovation Lead 

Jo’s mission is to create a dynamic company that empowers people through positive change.  

Jo Is responsible for:

  • Empowering the team
  • Growth and stability of the company
  • High quality programme delivery
Dawn is our lead change maker for positive action and is responsible for:

Dawn Roberts

Lead Change Maker for Positive Action

Dawn is passionate about sharing her skills, knowledge and experience to enable more people to achieve their goals. 

Dawn is responsible for:

  • Strong strategic partnerships
  • High quality programme delivery

Rhiannon Morgan- Bebb

Communication & Engagement Lead

Rhiannon is passionate about increasing Empower- Be The Change’s brand awareness and promoting our empowering courses and programmes. 

Rhiannon is responsible for:

  • Marketing content strategy
  • Google Ads management

Charlotte Copeman


Charlotte is the newest member of the team and is passionate about empowering individuals and the community at large.

Charlotte’s responsible for:

Effective administration of all ILM accredited courses and our new online mentoring programme.


David Roberts

Change maker

Dave is the newest member of the team and delivers some of our level 3 mentoring and management of volunteers programmes across North Wales. 

Dave is the WRU rugby co-ordinator for RGC West as well as a WRU coach educator and World rugby course leader. He is also a volunteer coach of Welshpool rugby club and club chairman. 

Board of Directors


Debra Barklin

Debra is the North Wales Project Development Officer for charity Sported.

Debra has worked in the sports development sector for over 12 years .

Debs has done various roles within the sports sector, including participation officer, PE and School Sports officer, and more recently as Head of Development at Hockey Wales before joining Sported. 


Samantha Cooper

Sam has 22 years experience in the Education Sector. She brings a wealth of insight around vocational qualifications.

Sam has also worked as a senior leader in large corporate organisations bringing with her a skill set around strategy, sales and marketing.

Dee Dillistone
Dee has worked in Financial services for over 20 years, both at MBNA (Bank of America

Dee Dillistone

Dee has worked in Financial services for over 20 years, both at MBNA (Bank of America) and Moneysupermarket.  

She is a service orientated senior leader who brings experience in business & change management, customer engagement & people management.