Institute of Leadership Approved Empowered Entrepreneur Course

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Why sign up to this online course?

Build and apply your knowledge of key leadership skills to become a highly effective entrepreneur.

Through 3 x 2 hour highly interactive virtual workshops you will build leadership skills, self-awareness and mental toughness.

Who is this for?

Budding, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs who want to build their self awareness and leadership skills to run a highly effective enterprise without burning themselves out.

For future dates and how to register please visit our Course Calendar


Workshop one: 

  • Understand what is meant by enterprise
  • Understand the benefits and risks to you
  • Understand the skills and qualities needed for running an enterprise

Workshop two: 

  • Understand the culture of organisations and your role in creating the right culture for your enterprise to be successful.
  • Understand the importance of looking after yourself – balancing your time and energy between running an enterprise and personal life.

Workshop three: 

  • Understand the potential stress pressures and how to manage these.
  • Be able to effectively manage your time and work SMART to achieve the best results for your enterprise.

For future dates and how to register please visit our Course Calendar

If you are an organisation contact us directly to organise dates that work for you and your team.

Note: Pay via PayPal; you can pay with your credit/debit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

2 reviews for Institute of Leadership Approved Empowered Entrepreneur Course

  1. Charlotte Roberts

    Really enjoyable and informative course. The right number of weeks and length of session to cover the subject matter. Engaging tutors and a good mixture of information and discussions.

  2. Kerry Mackay

    Amazing course, completely recalibrates and refines your thinking as an entrepreneur. Very interactive too. Brilliant!

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