Virtual Stress Prevention Workshop



Why sign up to this 60 minute virtual workshop?

What’s covered:

  • What is stress?
  • Causes of stress & how it affects you personally.
  • Develop stress management techniques that work for you.
  • Learn from others experiences by hearing their views and engaging in interactive discussions.

Everyone experiences stress to some degree. The way we respond to stress however, makes a big difference to our overall well-being. Closely linked to Mental Toughness, improving emotional intelligence can help individuals to better manage their emotions. Stress, being commonly felt in the workplace, is a vital emotion to address. 

Individuals and teams who value and actively engage in improving their well-being, understanding their strengths and areas for development are more effective, cohesive and have the tools to become high performing teams.

Individuals with the skills to manage and improve their resilience and mental toughness are more engaged and positive, perform up to 25% better, can handle stress more effectively and seek opportunities to achieve their potential.

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