Embrace continuous learning and enjoy all the benefits!

By Jo and Rhiannon

What is continuous learning: The life-long development and expansion of our minds through gathering new information, knowledge and skills from the world around us, society, work and formal education and courses. We are constantly learning from birth to old age and it does not begin and end in a school classroom! 

To really benefit from continuous learning though, you’ll need to be prepared for challenges and put some time and effort in, especially from a business and education perspective. If that sounds off-putting don’t worry! Here are 4 top benefits to get you motivated! 

There are BIG benefits to embracing continuous learning: 

1. Build resilience and perseverance: Life throws us curveballs constantly and this can sometimes leave us feeling like we’re at the end of our tether and can’t cope… yet we keep on coping! Human beings are amazingly tough, yet many of us silently beat ourselves up and feel like we’re just not good enough or not doing well enough. By actively taking charge of your own learning (and especially if you combine this with a balanced diet, enough sleep and exercise) you will come to realise just how very strong and resilient you are and even find solutions to many of life’s challenges. 

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2. Develop vital critical thinking skills: The more open you are to learning, the more likely you’ll be able to take an objective and balanced approach to challenges instead of reacting in a subjective, emotional and instinctive way which so often closes doors to further learning opportunities, professional and personal opportunities and can damage relationships, self-esteem and mental health. 

3. Fuel creativity and innovation: As mentioned in point 1, taking charge of your learning is fantastic for developing problem-solving skills. In this increasingly digital and automated world, individuals who can think up creative solutions and ideas are sought after. The age of characterless CVs and uncomfortable stuffy interviews is coming to an end. Dynamic, staff-orientated employers increasingly look to take on people with the right attitude and outlook to active learning, regardless of whether they have any previous experience in the role applied for. 

4. Adaptability: So life’s thrown you yet another curveball or maybe you absolutely rocked that job interview but now you’ve got to do the work and you have no experience! Time to flex those continuous learning muscles again! This may mean hitting the internet, reading books, signing up to courses or even going to college or university but the first port of call is most likely asking colleagues, friends and family for help and feedback. This might be easy or daunting, depending on you as an individual, but it will most certainly add to your learning and may even strengthen existing relationships or help you connect with brand new people. Human beings by our very nature learn and adapt from each other before anything else and countless studies show that individuals with strong support networks are overall happier, healthier and more adaptable to challenges and change. This is also true for organisations! Businesses that invest in their team and their learning have greater staff retention and are more successful in the long run, even in the face of recessions and set backs. 

 Here’s Jo’s personal reflection on what continuous learning means to her and the journey she’s taken in the past year: 

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