How to invest in the wellbeing of employees and why it’s vital.

By Rhiannon

According to recent research (performed by multinational professional services network Deloitte) the financial impact to UK employers of employee poor mental health is significant, rising by 16% since 2017 and costing up to £45 billion. In comparison, employers who have already begun investing in their workforce’s mental wellbeing are seeing an average £5 return for every £1 spent! 

‘Thriving at work’ The Stevenson/ Farmer independent review of mental health and employers, commissioned by the Government, also revealed the knock-on impact, not only for the economy but for society and Government; “Employers are losing billions of pounds because employers are less productive, less effective, or off sick.” 

The key is to both invest in improving employees’ mental health and reduce stigma, creating an open and inclusive culture of support and wellbeing. Sounds great in theory but how, as an employer or manager, do you put this into practice?

1. A solid first step is looking up online training and mentoring services. This will:

  • Clearly demonstrate to your team that you care about them on a human level, helping them feel valued and supported. Team building days and material incentives can be great, but without a more holistic approach, it can feel like a very empty gesture. 
  •  Shows your team you recognise their hard work and are willing to reward it in a significant way. Feeling recognised and appreciated leads to increasing levels of commitment from employees.
  • Personal and professional training and mentoring encourage staff to be reflective and self-aware. They will learn how to ‘check in’ on themselves so they can recognise and address issues early before they become problematic. 
  • Help staff spot signs of mental ill‐health in others and feel secure and confident enough to reach out to team members who may need some extra support.
  • Help managers and team members alike learn how to build up their own and others’ resilience, mental toughness and confidence.

2. Align company values and goals with individuals: 

  • What are your team’s individual goals, aspirations and motivators? Have you ever sat down with them in a one-to-one session to find out? Open communication and regular checking in is key. 
  • Consider investing in other forms of training and professional development to create a culture of continuous learning. Check out our blog on developing a learning culture in the workplace and its benefits here.
  • This will help employees develop their continuing professional and personal development and build a CPD portfolio.

3. Ensure strong positive leadership is in place and managers are well trained: 

According to ADP (one of FORTUNE Magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies) 2018 research:

  • Getting to the root of this issue by providing managers with relevant training and mentoring creates resilient, self-aware leaders who inspire confidence in their teams.
  • ​​Resilient, self-aware individuals with coaching, leadership and mentoring skills are able to bring out the best in themselves and others!

4. Practice transparency around internal decisions:

  • Staff who feel that they are working in a socially responsible organisation that listens to their feedback communicates decision-making clearly and values the security of its employees have much higher staff retention rates and are more likely to attract a better quality of future applicants through good reputation. 

5. Keep technology efficient and updated plus provide training to use it: 

  • Investing in easy-to-use, smooth-running technology and digital training, will help your employees feel less frustrated and inhibited in their tasks. 
  • According to Jeff Phipps, managing director of ADP UK “Processes, systems and technology must also be updated regularly, with the input of frontline staff, to ensure they are consistently helping them to work in the best – and most productive – way possible.”

At Empower – Be The Change we can do some of this work for you through our online mentoring programme and online ILM-accredited Empowered Team Member course! All participants complete a ILM accredited measure at the beginning and end of all our programmes, generating their own personal development report. By completing an ILM accredited qualification with Empower – Be The Change, participants have the opportunity to learn vital team member skills or gain coaching, mentoring and leadership skills that are relevant in community, education and employment settings. 

Our courses are proven to make a real and measurable difference. We really do empower people to achieve their potential, realise their self- worth and build positive mental resilience. 

For more information on how we can empower your organisation get in touch here.

Check out our blog on achieving a motivated team here!

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