Why is an empowered team important to your organisation?

Good question! 

The word ’empowerment’ in relation to a working team might fill a manager with some trepidation. Empowerment is historically associated with authority, confidence and power, and if you’re already struggling to keep everybody on track and in check, you might feel that these qualities are the very last thing you need in your workforce! You might well be envisaging clashes of wills, reams of missed deadlines, emotions boiling to the surface and general ensuing chaos, all ultimately leading to yet more work, stress and overtime on your already overloaded plate.

You’ll be surprised to hear then that an empowered team is the direct opposite of all your fears, and is proven to lead to a smoother running and more productive workforce!

  • Do you want your team to become more efficient and effective?
  • Do you want to increase your teams skills?

Organisations that adopt an empowering style of leadership replace their emphasis of ‘management’ and ‘managing people’ with a strong culture of shared goals, responsibilities, active listening, reinforced mental toughness and continuing professional development instead. Efficient task completion and organisation meet creative confident modes of thinking, resulting in maximum efficiency and productivity for the organisation as a whole!

Did you know?

Empowered leaders and team members with the skills and knowledge to manage and improve their mental toughness and resilience are:

  • More engaged and positive.
  • Perform up to 25% better both as individuals and teams.
  • Experience an increase in motivation.
  • Are more cohesive.
  • Can handle stress more effectively and seek opportunities to achieve their goals and potential.
  • Bring out the best in themselves and others.
  • Improve initiative and decision making.
  • Are better time management and organisation.

This is what an empowered team REALLY looks like.

Talk about a dream team!

We know this because it’s what we specialise in. At Empower-Be The Change we’ve made it our mission to impart these vital skills to everyone, from third and public sector orgs to private businesses. Our ILM accredited and Institute of Leadership approved soft skills qualifications, mentoring and coaching are proven to make a real and measurable difference. We really do empower people and teams to achieve their potential, realise their self worth and build positive mental resilience. 

For more information on our products and how we can empower you or your organisation click here!

In the meantime check out 4 of our top tips to a more empowered and productive workforce:

Written by Rhiannon: Communication and Engagement Lead for Empower- Be The Change.

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